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Episode 10 – Odaiba お台場

This is the final episode of Japan Trip Blog for now. We will be back for sure with new adventures!

In this episode we take you to south eastern Tokyo plus we hop on the Yurikamome line to the artificial island of Odaiba. We walk along the rainbow bridge over Tokyo bay and we visit Fuji TV’s sightseeing hall! You can still subscribe to our channel and like us on facebook


Episode 9 – Nara and Fushimi-Inari 奈良市、伏見稲荷退社

Our visit in the Japanese countryside continues with Japan Trip Blog’s ninth episode.

This week’s episode goes south as we visit Nara, Japan’s old capital city. See what makes this place so special! Afterwards we come back to kyoto so you can witness the crazy uphill path of the Fushimi-inari shrine. Visit our facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel


Episode 8 – Arashiyama 嵐山

Episode 8 goes further in the japanese countryside. Hope you like it!

We continue our travel to the Kyoto surroundings. Arashiyama is a beautiful place where japanese come to rest with their families and enjoy a nice meal. Right next to Sagano village awaits a truly astonishing scenery, row boats, a bamboo forest and bike rides. Subscribe for more and feel free to check our facebook page


Episode 7 – Arriving at Kyoto 京都

For the Seventh episode we take you to Kyoto! 

Witness our arrival at Kyoto, some nice panorama from the roof of the backpacker’s hotel. We go through a crow filled forest on our way to the top of the hill overlooking the city. We finally find ourselves in an arcade for some hardcore rhythm games! 

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Episode 6 – Akihabara & Tokyo Center 秋葉原、東京

The due time release of episode 6, we visit some must see places!

We take you to the streets of Akihabara, the electric city. Videos games, mangas and electronics and the famous super potato retro gaming store! We also breeze through Tokyo’s imperial palace and business quarter. Be sure to like us on our amazing  facebook page and to subscribe to our youtube channel.


Episode 5 – Yoyogi 代々木

Our Fifth Episode! Taking place in Yoyogi park

A beautiful Sunday spent in Yoyogi park, the equivalent of New York’s « Central Park ». Truly an interesting place, youngsters practicing dance moves, elvis look alikes and all sorts of street artists. Plus a mysterious legend unfolds… 

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Episode 4 – Shinjuku 新宿

Japan Trip Blog’ fourth episode. Hope you like it!

We take you to the streets of Kabuki-Cho in Shinjuku, One of Tokyo’s most famous night disctricts. We also give the latest tekken game a try and show off our japanese singing skills in front of karaoke masters! Feel free to like our facebook page You can also subscribe to our youtube channel


Episode 3 – Shibuya 渋谷

Japan Trip Blog is proud to present it’s latest release. Enjoy and see you soon!

Episode 3 takes place in Shibuya. It is quite different from what you’ve seen this far. We wanted people to experience a stroll through Shibuya’s street as we remember it. Feel free to subscribe on youtube and to like us on facebook.


New Trailer!

Just a small trailer of things to come from Japan Trip Blog. Stay tuned on Facebook and Youtube


Episode 2 Ueno 上野

Japan Trip Blog Episode 2 is finally out!

We discover our new hotel in Taito ward. After that we visit Ueno district and it’s beautiful park. Hope you like it!

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